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Opening Event: Saturday 13th November 2021. 12 noon - 6pm. All welcome.

Gallery open Saturdays 12-5pm, or by appointment.


303 Projects presents Naming a Cloud, an exhibition of new work by Andrew Miller and Tom Woolner.

The exhibition includes a number of ‘Cut-outs’ by Andrew Miller – thin plywood sculptures that he says “...began because I had been making collages and so I was already thinking about how I was using paper and card, holding it, cutting it out, and not just using it as a surface but as kind of super thin object with weight and texture. But the painted Cut-outs have a different kind of autonomy as objects – like a coulisse on a stage set, they have a kind of dumb theatrical presence.”

Tom Woolner presents a series of sculptural, yet stubbornly and resolutely flat, wall-based works­. Made through an intuitive and playful process of pouring, piping and squidging, semi-viscous liquids congeal to agree upon a form that sits somewhere between object, painting and fresco, as the image is embedded into, rather than onto, the surface. Loosely bracketed under the title Internal Weather, they open portals into the body to reveal an alternative landscape and corporeal meteorology.


There is a shared focus on surface and edge, and by extension boundaries; prodding and probing at the line between inside and outside, front and back, painting and sculpture. There is humour in their approach, even an absurdity, that hangs in the air and lingers around the corner.