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Pile Up

Clare Palmier 

2nd September - 30th September

"I put things together to try and make a whole; whether it’s installation, painting, performance or objects and video.

The different states of having power, being powerless or disempowered and the latent state in between fascinate me; being an observer or being active and a creator. Since a child I’ve been aware of moving between cultural identities: British and Mediterranean, what connects and what separates.

I’ve been making short videos over 20 years and in rural Suffolk, the weather, seasons and landscape has dominated. Where do you locate yourself in it.  I’m interested in boundaries, the edge of things; where one thing might become another; how we move through horizons, coastlines, territories and memory; with humour and our stories."

Pile Up is an installation created for 303 projects which brings together elements to create a place: three walls of landscape, a video Drawing the Line, my great-grandmother’s chair, some detritus, and an older work Hillock ( Hilaire Belloc). 

A performance, Salt, Sand and Water, will take place on the beach to open the exhibition. It will be the first performance by Palmier in 20 years.

Palmier trained at Goldsmiths and has shown in Europe and UK, most recently in 'Big Women', First Site, Colchester, curated by Sarah Lucas, and 'Multi in Silent Disco' curated by Graham Crowley. She is also Director of the Art Station, Saxmundham.

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